Base 'Houston' Cosmic Bibliography Zero Gravity
2 USD / month

Minimum duration of subscription: 6 months.

6.5 USD / month
Available bibliographies 1 1 Unlimited
Maximum references in a bibliography 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Bibliography validity period 7 days During the subscription validity period
(at least 6 months)
During the subscription validity period
(at least 1 month)
Search filters in catalogues Basic All filters All filters
Operations with multiple sources Yes Yes
Export in MS Word Yes Yes
Flexible reference ordering tools Yes Yes
No ads Yes Yes

Select the validity period of your bibliography:

12 USD
24 USD
18 USD

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6.5 USD
19.5 USD
39 USD
32.5 USD
78 USD
58.5 USD

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Subscription to Grafiati

How to purchase the premium access to Grafiati?

Select a subscription plan, its duration, and the other appropriate parameters and click on the 'Purchase' button. You will be redirected to the payment system's checkout page to complete the payment. Once the payment successfully completed, you will get the access to the website's premium features within the chosen plan.

1 month of subscription is equal to 30 calendar days. The prices are given with all taxes included.

Subscription management

You can check your current subscriptions, their duration and cancel the auto-renewal in your user profile.

Auto-renewal only when you explicitly ask for it

When subscribing to our service, you can select the auto-renewal of your premium access. In this case, the funds will be charged automatically on a regular basis to extend the premium access by the appropriate time.

However, this feature is for your convenience only: it will not apply unless you explicitly check it when making a subscription. Thus, you can purchase the premium access to the website for just one month or for any other period without worrying about cancelling it on time.

Automatic currency conversion

A payment in another currency will be converted automatically at the exchange rate of your bank or the payment system.

If you are unable to complete the payment, make sure that the automatic conversion is not blocked for your card.

Subscriptions added together

If you already have a valid subscription for the Zero Gravity plan without auto-renewal and purchase one more subscription, your premium access will be extended for the appropriate period.

If you are making a subscription to two different plans – (Zero Gravity and Cosmic Bibliography), – they will apply simultaneously. You will be able to add an unlimited number of bibliographies during the validity of the Zero Gravity plan and will be able to use additionally the cosmic bibliographies you purchased.

The Cosmic Bibliography plan adds separate premium bibliographies to your account: every such bibliography has its own validity period based on the date when it was purchased. You can view all such bibliographies in your user profile. Moreover, you can prolong a bibliography by selecting it in the subscription details.

If you have a valid subscription for the Zero Gravity plan and extend the validity of a bibliography within the Cosmic Bibliography plan, the bibliography's validity will be extended for the appropriate period.

We do not store your payment card data

All the payments for the services of Grafiati are made via the payment system Paddle. You do not enter any payment data on our website.

To execute the payment, the e-mail address associated with your profile will be passed to the payment system.

Discounts and promo codes

If a promo event with discounts on subscription plans is being held on Grafiati, the discount will be applied to your payment automatically, and you will be able to purchase the unlimited access to the website at a reduced price.

Additionally, you can apply a promo code for a discount. To do this, enter the code in the 'Promo code' field on the subscription details form. The discount provided by the promo code will be added to the general discount of the promo event.

Promo codes and discounts are valid for plans without auto-renewal.

Gift certificates on Grafiati

How to activate a gift certificate?

You can activate a gift certificate by entering the special code in your user profile. Only a registered user can apply a gift certificate: if you have been offered a subscription to Grafiati, complete our simple sign-up procedure first using your email and password or via social networks.

Important! A gift certificate has to be activated within 6 months from the date of payment.

What benefits does this certificate provide?

The user who has activated a gift certificate is provided with the bibliographic services of Grafiati in accordance with the package purchased. The subscription will be valid from the date when the certificate was activated throughout the period stated on it. See more about the conditions of the premium packages of Grafiati on the Subscribe page.

How to purchase a gift certificate?

To purchase a certificate for the subscription to one of our premium packages, select your subscription configuration (duration, number of bibliographies, etc.) and click on the button 'Buy as a gift certificate'. In the additional window, you will be offered to enter optionally the gift recipient's e-mail and the accompanying message; thereafter, you will be able to proceed to payment. Upon successful payment, we will send a message with the certificate to your e-mail address given during registration and to the recipient's e-mail you provided.

Who will like this gift?

A certificate for the automated generation of bibliographies will be useful for scientists and students working on scholarly papers, articles, theses, or even monographs. We have different subscription packages for both those who are involved deeply into scientific research and those who need to compile their list of references as quickly as possible to meet the deadline.