Transliteration of Ukrainian Cyrillic into the Roman alphabet

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The transliteration is performed in accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 27 January 2010 no. 55 "On the standardisation of the transliteration of the Ukrainian alphabet into the Latin script".

Insert or type Ukrainian Cyrillic text into the left-hand field. The right-hand field will display the transliterated result in the Roman alphabet (English letters) Your text is being transliterated synchronously as you type.

If needed, you can edit the result of transliteration in the right-hand field and copy it with the button appearing on the right. Please note: Your changes in the transliterated text will not be saved if you continue editing the source fragment.

The service of automated transliteration complies with the official requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Using it, you can transliterate both the list of references for your article and your full name for the international passport or other documents.