New system for citing patents

We are happy to introduce a completely new system for creating bibliographic references to patents. It includes two key innovations:

1. Indication of the names of the inventors and assignees.

Some citation styles may require indicating the names of only the inventors or the assignees, or the names of both groups of persons in different positions. Thanks to our interface, you can add the names of the inventors and the assignees separately, and we will automatically generate the required reference in accordance with the chosen citation style.

2. Automatic indication of countries.

From now on, you can choose the required patent country from the dropdown list instead of entering it manually (although this opportunity is still available as well). Thanks to this, we achieve the most correct generation of references, namely:

1) we automatically translate the name of the country depending on the chosen bibliography language;

2) we automatically generate the patent signature taking into account the requirements of the style and the customary practices of each particular language.

For example, if you are citing a patent in APA or in Chicago Style in the English language, the country's name will be given in the adjectival form in the initial position; in French, it will be presented in the adjectival form after the noun; and in Ukrainian, it will be given as a noun in the genitive case:

<…> French patent

<…> brevet français

<…> патент Франції

In addition, we take into consideration the recommendations of each particular citation style for the names of countries ('United States' / 'U.S.' / 'US").

All localisation is done automatically: if you change the language of your bibliography, we will convert all of your patent references.

This innovation is unique: it is not available in any other bibliographic management services. We are confident that it will make your work much easier, at the same time raising the quality of your references.

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