Huge catalogue updates + all-type search

We have huge updates of our catalogues and the entire search system: make your search queries quickly, exactly, and comfortably!

Quick search

We have moved to a brand new own server and deliver all metadata from one place. Now, all search queries will be as quick as a flash: no more 1-minute delays or errors due to overloaded third-party servers.

Extended catalogues

We have upgraded our catalogues significantly: you can now search across new source types: book chapters, conference papers, and organisational reports. Moreover, thanks to the interaction with open data platforms, we have extended substantially the contents of our catalogues: for example, metadata for 2 million dissertations and theses from all over the world has been added. The catalogues are being updated on a daily basis.

All-type search

The thing you have requested. Thanks to the above updates, we are finally able to implement it: you can search across all source types at once! Run only one search query by title or keywords, and you will get the results for all appropriate journal articles, books, conference papers, and reports on the same page:

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