New feature: change source type

We have a great update: you can now change the type of source previously added to your bibliography.

New feature: change source type

For example, when adding a reference to a paper published as a part of conference proceedings, you had chosen the source type 'Book chapter' but then understood that you should have selected 'Conference paper'.

Before, you had to delete the wrong source and add a correct one, filling in all the metadata fields anew. Now, this all can be done automatically. Click on the source edit button and select the option 'Change source type'.

How to change source type in bibliographyThen, choose the correct source type, and we will convert the input data and generate a new bibliographic reference.

You will only have to fill in some data unique to the new source type, e.g. the fields 'Conference city' and 'Conference country' for 'Conference paper', which were missing in the original source type.

This new feature will speed up your work considerably and will make it more comfortable.

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