Some common errors in references and how we eliminate them

1. When somebody cites a page range (for example, for journal articles: 22–27, 33–41, etc.), they often use a hyphen instead of a dash, which violates the orthograhic standard. In all such cases (except for those where the citation style requires explicitly using the hyphen), we unify your references and automatically replace hyphens with dashes: 22-27 → 22–27.

2. Another common flaw is the use of ordinary spaces instead of non-breaking spaces between initials and last names: this leads to a situation when the last name Smith and the initials J. P. can be seen on different lines. In all such cases, we automatically insert non-breaking spaces.

The aforementioned aspects not only belong to the field of philological – and namely grammar – studies, but also constitute the requirements of many scientific journals, universities, and so on. By automatically correcting these errors, we allow authors improving the quality of their papers and the visual presentation of articles, and at the same time make it possible for the editors to reduce the amount of their corrector's work.

You can see how it works on our website's homepage:

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