New citation styles: Vancouver (citation-name) + Vancouver (name-year)

We have updated Vancouver Style on our website. In addition to Vancouver’s most popular citation-sequence system (references in a bibliography given in the order of being cited), from now on, we also support the two other systems of Vancouver: citation-name (numbered list of references with alphabetical ordering by author and title) and name-year (also referred to as author-date, which assumes that a source is cited in the text by giving the name of the author and the year of publication.

For the new systems, we take into consideration all the nuances stipulated in the appropriate style manuals (Citing Medicine (NLM Style Guide) and Scientific Style and Format (CSE)): from the particularities of bibliographic references to the specifics of ordering of references and the contents of in-text citations.

Vancouver (citation-name) + Vancouver (name-year)

Select the Vancouver Style (also referred to as NLM Style (National Library of Medicine)) that suits you most and generate correct references automatically.

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