New options for bibliography export: BibTeX and BibLaTeX (.bib)

We've introduced additional options for exporting your reference list from Grafiati. Alongside the traditional Word (.docx) source export, you can now upload BibTeX or BibLaTeX (.bib) documents.

Both of these new formats generate a .bib file based on your bibliography. This file contains comprehensive data about each source, including any notes you have added to them. The choice between BibTeX and BibLaTeX depends on the compatibility with the program that will process the exported file, as well as the desired level of detail. BibLaTeX, being newer, offers more detailed information compared to BibTeX.

Our goal was to create the ability to transfer data between Grafiati and other programs as accurately as possible. That's why we export not only the basic information about the source, but also finer details like the roles of the source’s contributors. Moreover, the files created by our export are not only convenient for machine reading, but also visually accessible to users.

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