Abbreviations for journal titles + new options for multiple styles

We have extended significantly the flexibility of work with multiple citation styles.

First, you can now add abbreviated journal titles (e.g. Journal of Applied Physics → J. Appl. Phys.) in accordance with the requirements of a number of citation styles: Vancouver, IEEE, AMA, AIP, ACS, RSC, CSE, and ANSI NISO. By default, this feature is activated for all the appropriate medical, physical, and chemical referencing styles in compliance with their requirements. However, using the bibliography menu, you can change the behaviour of our reference generator: select between full journal titles or, whenever the journal allows it, another format of abbreviations.

Second, for Vancouver (NLM) Style and its adjacent styles (CSE and ANSI NISO) – in all its variations – we have added the option to choose a) the format of names (full names, abbreviated with full stops, or the traditional ones: abbreviated without full stops) and b) the number of authors to be credited in the reference (e.g. all the authors, firs 3 authors, or first 6 authors for NLM Style).

Thanks to this innovation, you can operate more flexibly and adjust your bibliography to the requirements of your particular journal or university.

New bibliography menu options

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