Localisation of references for DSTU 8302:2015, DSTU GOST 7.1:2006

From today, the online service Grafiati allows generating references under the citation standards DSTU 8302:2015, DSTU GOST 7.1:2006 taking into account the language of the cited source, which is in line with the requirements of the aforementioned standards.

When you add a references, we will automatically detect its language as either English or Ukrainian. Having added the reference, you will be able to change its language if needed by hovering over it and selecting the required country flag from the dropdown menu. All appropriate reference elements will be automatically translated into the chosen language.

In the examples below, you can see highlighted in bold the elements that will be translated (or adapted) automatically to the rules of the Ukrainian, French, and Italian languages respectively:

Літієво-силікатна склокераміка для стоматології : пат. 123209 Україна : A61K 6/027, A61K 6/08, A61K 6/02.  u 2017 11766 ; заявл. 01.12.2017 ; опубл. 12.02.2018, Бюл.  3. 5 с.

Riegel M., Pellat J.-C., Rioul R. Grammaire méthodique du français. 4e éd. Paris : Presses universitaires de France, 2009. 1107 p.

Paura A. Il giornalismo locale in America sta bene, nonostante tutto [Risorsa elettronica] / Angelo Paura // Medium Italia. — Modo di accesso: https://medium.com/italia/il-giornalismo-locale-in-america-sta-bene-nonostante-tutto-93f10e3f7de2 (data di accesso: 23.12.2020). — Titolo dallo schermo.

Similarly, the programme will translate all appropriate elements in all other source types taking into account the grammar of the selected language.

Interactive localisation will significantly ease your bibliographic effort and will allow you spending considerably less time on creating your lists of references.

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