Automatic abbreviation of references under DSTU 3582:2013

Today, we have launched our service of automated abbreviation of references according to the requirements of DSTU 3582:2013.

From now on, the online service Grafiati allows automatically generating your bibliographic references with the abbreviation of appropriate elements taking into account their belonging to particular zones and other specific aspects of DSTU 3582:2013.

How to use the automated abbreviator

The aforementioned standard is optional to apply when referencing sources in accordance with the citation standards DSTU 8302:2015 and DSTU GOST 7.1:2006; however, professional bibliographers advise using it to reduce the volume of text in your list of references and to provide the information uniformly.

Our abbreviator is turned on by default for all bibliographies you create under the referencing standards DSTU 8302:2015 and DSTU GOST 7.1:2006 and applies to the sources in the Ukrainian language (for these referencing standards, you can choose the source language for each particular source you are working with on our website).

If you prefer not abbreviating your references, press on the 'Bibliography menu' button on the right hand of the bibliography's title and turn off the abbreviator. Thereafter, all references will be given with the original data – without the abbreviation applied.

How the abbreviator by Grafiati works: examples

Our service applies abbreviation to particular zones of a bibliographic entry, which is required explicitly by the standard. Thus, if you are referencing a book, any data in the 'Book title' field will be left unaltered:

Original Result by Grafiati
Міжнародна торгівля Міжнародна торгівля

Conversely, in the 'Publisher' field, our abbreviator will apply the appropriate rules set forth by DSTU 3582:2015, and you will get the publisher's abbreviated name in the reference:

Original Result by Grafiati
Центр учбової літератури Центр учб. літ.
Інститут фізики конденсованих систем Національної академії наук України Ін-т фізики конденс. систем НАН України

The abbreviator works with different grammatical cases, so you will get the required abbreviation 'НАН України' regardless of the case used:

Original Result by Grafiati
Національна академія наук України НАН України
Національної академії наук України НАН України

In the case of a declinable abbreviation, you will also get it in the required grammatical case:

Оригінал Результат від сервісу «Grafiati»
Інститут мовознавства Ін-т мовознавства
Інституту мовознавства Ін-ту мовознавства

We also take into account the nuances of particular zones. For instance, if you provide only one word in the 'Edition type' field, we will not abbreviate it, otherwise we will do the abbreviation (which is in line with the standard):

Original Result by Grafiati
Українська мова : підручник Українська мова : підручник
Українська мова : підручник для студентів вищих навчальних закладів Українська мова : підруч. для студентів ВНЗ

Also, our service is aware of various specific requirements of the standard. For example, DSTU 3582:2013 requires abbreviating a number of words only when they are written next to numbers; therefore, in the appropriate zone, you will get the result depending on such a word's position in the sentence:

Original Result by Grafiati
Сто одиниць Сто одиниць
100 одиниць 100 од.

In a tiny number of cases, we are unaware of the context (for example, whether a word is written next to a surname, whether it bears a particular meaning, etc.).

Also, there are cases when words can be confounded, for instance: постанова (noun) – слонова (adjective); зберігання (noun) – остання (adjective). If the first word in each pair is abbreviated as an adjective based on its ending, the result will be incorrect. Our service does take into account these aspects as well, so you will get the abbreviations only for the adjectives here.

We also take into consideration a number of words that, when abbreviated according to DSTU, can be interpreted erroneously, and therefore deliver them in the correct abbreviated form: комічний → коміч. instead of ком. At the same time, it is impossible to foresee all such cases; therefore, if you find any inaccuracy, please contact us, and we will improve our abbreviator.

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