Specify various roles of contributors (compilers, illustrators, etc.) with our service

Traditionally, bibliographic managers allow you referencing sources taking into accounts their authors, editors, and translators. However, in many source, other contributors can be playing either an essential or a supportive role, for instance, compilers, arrangers, illustrators, etc.

We at Grafiati are happy to introduce a completely new system of contributors in references, which will allow you generating the most exact references and in-text citations.

If you are referencing a book, a chapter in an edited book, or a conference abstract, you will see the 'Others' button close to the classical 'Author', 'Editor', and 'Translator' buttons. Click on it to add another contributor and select the required option from the 'Role' dropdown list:

  • Compiler;
  • Arranger;
  • Illustrator

OR enter any custom role you would like to mention in this field: Scientific editor, Coordinator, Photographer, and so on.

Thus, with our service, you will now generate references stating correctly the role of the responsible person (example given in APA 7):

Cooper, S. (2019). The shortest day (C. Ellis, Illus.). Candlewick Press.

The most popular roles available from the dropdown list will also be automatically translated into your bibliography language taking into account the nuances of the chosen citation style. For example, your above reference will be presented as follows in a French-language bibliography under MLA 8 (just change the case of the title with our handy button):

Cooper, Susan. The Shortest Day. Illustré par Carson Ellis, Candlewick Press, 2019.

Be sure to try out this innovation!

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