Add references to websites automatically – without filling in any forms

From today, the online service Grafiati allows you creating bibliographic references to webpages without filling in any fields manually – we will handle everything automatically.

Select the type of source 'Website' from the menu on the homepage to create an appropriate bibliographic reference. On the top of the window, you will see a field for entering a URL address: paste there the hyperlink to the webpage you need and click on the 'Fill in' button – we will generate all of the webpage's available details: author, website title, date of creation, etc.

Please note: in order to fill in automatically the details of webpages, we analyse the metadata provided by website owners. If a website owner fails to provide full data (for example, if they do not state the author of the material) and incorrect information has been inserted into the form, you can modify the source's details in appropriate fields right away.

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