We now have the Chicago style in its latest edition!

We have another great update! Our website now offers the opportunity to create references according to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) in its latest – 17th – edition, in both the 'author-date' and 'notes and bibliography' variations.

The Chicago citation style is one of the most widely used international citation styles. It is applied by a great number of the most renowned and reputable educational institutions and scientific journals on the global scale an allows referencing in detail different types of sources.

Just as with all other citation styles, we have adapted the Chicago functionality to all of the languages available on our website: change the language of your bibliograhy, and all references will be adapted accordingly, for you to insert them directly into your paper written in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, or Polish.

Also, we have designed a detailed ordering and sorting system for the references according to the official requirements of the Chicago Manual of Style: to apply it, just select the 'According to style' option from the appropraite sorting menu.

And that is far from all. We are going to have some even more interesting news quite soon. 🙂

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