New citation style: ICONTEC!

Grafiati became the world’s first service to support the generation of bibliographic references in accordance with the requirements of ICONTEC, a citation style of Colombia comprising the standards NTC 5313, NTC 4490, and NTC 1486 developed by the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas y Certificación).

ICONTEC StyleColombia is a country where our service is very popular, and we are happy that from now on our Colombian users will be able to create their bibliographies not only in line with the international standards but also in compliance with the national citation style.

The references in ICONTEC Style can be generated to all the source types available on our website, including the contemporary ones such as the online video or the social media post. Also, all the references can be converted easily into any other citation style.

Bibliographic references in ICONTEC Style

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