Laws/acts of Spain and Ukraine now in our catalogues

Please welcome our new feature: from now on, you can cite the laws of Spain and Ukraine automatically from the catalogues of Grafiati!

Our programmatic interaction with Boletín Oficial del Estado – the official law gazette of Spain – and the Open Data Portal of the Ukrainian Parliament allows you citing any laws, decrees, regulations, and other acts of Spain (from 1960 until today) and Ukraine (from 1710 onwards) in any citation style in just one click, with all appropriate metadata: law title and number, institution that passed the act, gazette issue and pages, and so on. All the metadata of the Spanish and Ukrainian laws is updated on a daily basis.

You can search for the laws from both out homepage and directly from the form for citing laws/acts:

Search for Spanish laws in the catalogues

Once you have clicked on the 'Add to bibliography' button from search, we will generate automatically a bibliographic reference to the act taking into account the requirements of the chosen citation style and the international recommendations:

Bibliographic references to the laws of SpainThe automated citing of laws is a unique feature of our service. Very soon, we will add new countries to our catalogues!

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