New citation style: Harvard (Cite Them Right 12th ed.)

Our website now supports a new citation style: Harvard (Cite Them Right 12th ed.).

Harvard (Cite Them Right 12th ed.) is a variant of the Harvard referencing system, namely the approach to bibliographic references and in-text citations described in the manual Cite Them Right: The Essential Referencing Guide published by Bloomsbury Academic.

New citation style:Harvard (Cite Them Right 12th ed.)Cite Them Right is one of the most popular implementations of Harvard Style. It is being used by a great number of universities and research institutions. The 12th edition is the style's latest edition to date, and it contains detailed recommendations for referencing different source types.

With the help of Grafiati, you can cite sources quickly and accurately in accordance with the requirements of Harvard Cite Them Right.

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