Search in catalogues now available with data from Open Library

We have integrated the metadata from the book catalogue service Open Library ( into our database. This means that you can now find more than 27 million books in different languages on our website Search for the book you need by its title (full or part of), author, or ISBN. All bibliographic references will be generated automatically according to the citation style you had chosen.

Please note: all international catalogue services, including Open Library, can have flaws in sources' data, for example, confused authors and editors or author's last name stated as their first name. We did our best to minimise the occurrence of such inaccuracies, however please make sure to check the information in the generated reference and edit the appropriate fields as necessary.

Let us remind you that you can use the case button next to the appropriate field to easily change the case of the title: BOOK TITLEBook TitleBook title.

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