New source type: 'Court case'

A new source type has been added on Grafiati: 'Court case.'

From now on, you can reference court decisions (sentences, etc.) in all citation styles available on our website:


Referencing legal materials is one of the most problematic aspects in international citation styles (you can read more about it in our articles, for example, about APA Style). In most cases, the official manuals of styles do not provide any specific templates, and universities/journals advise using the template commonly adopted in your country or choosing one on your own, adhering to a uniform scheme.

On Grafiati, a uniform system has been implemented based on The Blueebok. It allows citing court cases and legal materials of different countries using a standardised scheme. If you need to use another referencing scheme, use the source type 'Formatted reference,' where you can paste a ready-to-use reference to a court case.

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