New citation style – ISO 690:2010 – now available on our website

Our service now supports references and citations under the international standard ISO 690:2010.

This standard sets forth the general rules for bibliographic references, namely the elements to be included in references and their order; however, it does not prescribe any specific rules regarding the use of punctuation marks, word cases, and so on, which leads to the existence of multiple variations of the standard in different countries and even at universities within the same country. ISO 690:2010 is widely used in Central European and Baltic states, the United Kingdom, and others.

The citation algorithms for ISO 690:2010 on our website have been prepared based on the information provided in the standard itself. Enter source details manually or add the source from catalogues, and you will get an appropriate reference:

JUN, Sun. Marine biodiversity: Why so high? Biodiversity Science [online]. 2012, 19(6), 611–613 [viewed 23 November 2020]. Available from: doi:10.3724/sp.j.1003.2011.03227

Just as with all other international citation styles, we have adapted the generation of references to six languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Ukrainian. You can change the bibliography language to generate references according to your needs.

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