The New Edition of the CSE Style is Now Available

The latest edition of the CSE (Council of Science Editors) citation style, released in May 2024, is now available on our website.


The 9th edition differs somewhat from CSE-8. For example, the number of individuals included in a bibliographic reference has changed, new rules for citing online sources have been introduced, and more. By using Grafiati, you don't need to worry about ensuring your bibliography matches the required citation style exactly, as we have already taken care of all the details, and they are automatically accounted for in the references you create.

If your bibliography on Grafiati was formatted according to the CSE (8th ed.) style, you can instantly update it to meet the new CSE requirements by selecting CSE (9th ed.) in the citation styles menu above the bibliography. As with the previous edition, three variations of the style are available: ‘citation-name’, ‘citation-sequence’, and ‘name-year’.

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