Add complete (formatted) references to your bibliography

From now on, the web service «Grafiati» allows adding complete references to your bibliographies.

If you already have a complete bibliographic reference formatted according to the required citation style and do no want to enter its details (author, title, publisher, year of publication, etc.) manually, you may copy and paste this reference into your list of references.

To do this, select the 'Complete reference' type from the list of available source types and enter or paste your text. We will keep all the formatting (italics, bold font, hyperlinks) that you paste (example taken from the materials of the University of Sheffield):

Dobson, H., (2006). Mister Sparkle meets the 'Yakuza': depictions of Japan in The Simpsons. Journal of Popular Culture [online]. 39(1), 44–68. [Viewed 5 October 2015]. Available from: doi: 10.1111/j.1540-5931.2006.00203.x

Using complete references will allow you working more quickly with your bibliographies. However, bear in mind that such references will remain unchanged and you will not be able to convert them into another citation style or order in line with the requirements of other styles. Use this new feature if you are certain that the reference you have is in conformity with the chosen citation style and that you will not change the citation style in the course of work.

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