New forms for adding sources from catalogues + catalogues of laws

New forms for adding sources from catalogues

We have designed new forms for adding references to sources available in our catalogues. For example, of you are citing a book, you can search for it by entering its title, author, or ISBN right from the same form.

At the same time, the separate catalogue form on the main page still remains available, which means that you can choose the option to your taste.

Catalogues of Ukrainian laws

For the Ukrainian language of interface, we have added the opportunity to work with Ukrainian laws and legal acts. All laws are available as open data from the Parliament of Ukraine and are updated on a daily basis. Thanks to this, our users can cite Ukrainian laws in just one click, without entering any data manually.

If you want us to add the laws of your country as well to our catalogues and know the source where such laws are available in open access, please feel free to contact us.

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