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General rules

In accordance with the requirements of IEEE Style, a bibliographic reference to a book includes the following elements: name(s) of the author(s), title of the book, place of publication, publisher, and year of publication. Whenever relevant, include also the edition number, volume number, URL, etc.


  • The Manual of IEEE Style notes that the name of the publisher should be given in the abbreviated form.
  • Although the manual requires giving the country in the reference, many universities allow omitting this element, leaving only the city, or require giving the country only for not well-known cities.
  • For the United States, give also the name of the state after the city separated by a comma.

For the rules of citing authors in IEEE Style, see this article.

How to cite in a bibliography

Book with an author (authors)

Reference template:

Author(s), TitleCityCountryPublisheryear.

Example of reference:

M. L. Jeremic, Rock Mechanics in Salt Mining. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Balkema, 2020.

If the book has other contributors mentioned on it in addition to authors (e.g. editors, compilers, translators, etc.), the names of such contributors are omitted from the reference in IEEE Style.

Book without a credited author (with an editor, compiler, etc.)

If the book has no credited author but instead has an editor, a compiler, etc., the contributor’s name is given in the author’s position, with their role separated by a comma:

Editor(s), Ed(s)., TitleCityCountryPublisheryear.

Example of reference:

A. Blanc, M. McEvoy, and R. Plank, Eds., Architecture and Construction in Steel. London, U.K.: E & FN Spon, 1993.

Later edition of a book

If the book features the edition number on it, give this element after the title of the book separated by a comma:

Author(s), Titleedition numberCityCountryPublisheryear.

Example of reference:

T. Bartlett, The Adlard Coles Book of Diesel Engines, 4th ed. London, U.K.: Adlard Coles Nautical, 2005.

Book published online

A bibliographic reference to a book accessed online should contain the Internet publication elements in addition to the general template:

Author(s), TitleCityCountryPublisheryear. Accessed: date. [Online]. Available: URL

Example of reference:

H. Bielefeldt, A. Frewer, S. Klotz, and M. Schmidhuber, Eds., Healthcare as a Human Rights Issue: Normative Profile, Conflicts and Implementation. Bielefeld, Germany: transcript-Verlag, 2018. Accessed: Jan. 11, 2021. [Online]. Available:

For the specific of giving URLs and DOIs in the IEEE format, see this article.

Volume (part of a multivolume edition)

For a book that makes a part of a multivolume edition, include the full edition title in the reference, adding the volume number and volume title (if available) separated by a comma:

Author(s), Title, vol. volume numberVolume TitleCityCountryPublisheryear.

Example of reference:

G. Riva, B. K. Wiederhold, and P. Cipresso, Eds., The Psychology of Social Networking, vol. 1, Personal Experience in Online Communities. Warsaw, Poland: De Gruyter Open Poland, 2015. Accessed: May 31, 2021. [Online]. Available:

Chapter (section) of an edited book

For the rules of referencing a chapter of an edited book in IEEE Style, see this article.

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