Preprint: how to cite in IEEE Style?

Cita una fonte nel formato IEEE in modo facile e corretto

Scegli il tipo di fonte:

General rules

A preprint is an article or another paper written by an author but not yet published in a peer-reviewed journal, etc. In compliance with the recommendations of IEEE Style, a bibliographic reference to a preprint should follow the below template:

Author(s), Title. To be published. Accessed: date. [Online]. Available: URL

If the journal where the final draft of the article is to be published is known, use the following reference template:

Author(s), “Preprint title,” Journal Title, to be published. Accessed: date. [Online]. Available: URL

For the particularities of giving authors’ names in IEEE Style, see this article.

For the specifics of giving URLs/DOIs in IEEE references, see this article.

Examples of references

B. A. Frandsen, R. Baral, B. Winn, and V. O. Garlea, Magnetic Pair Distribution Function Data Using Polarized Neutrons and Ad Hoc Corrections. To be published. Accessed: Feb. 22, 2023. [Online]. Available:

G. Llambías, B. Bradach, J.  Nogueira, L. González, and R. Ruggia, Gateway-Based Interoperability for DLT. To be published. Accessed: Feb. 22, 2023. [Online]. Available:

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