Social media post: how to cite in IEEE Style?

Cita una fonte nel formato IEEE in modo facile e corretto

Scegli il tipo di fonte:

General rules

According to the IEEE Manual of Style, the following bibliographic reference template should be used for citing a social media post:

Author, “Text of the post.” Website. Accessed: date. [Online]. Available: URL


  • The text/title of the post is given inside quotation marks.
  • No date of publication should be given.
  • Usually, the recommendations of universities state that the full text of the post should be given in the bibliographic reference. However, taking into consideration the fact that some posts might be too long, in our opinion, the cited fragment might be limited, e.g. to the first 20 words.
  • In the Website slot, give the title of the social network where the content was published: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

On the web service Grafiati, you can generate bibliographic references to any social media posts. For posts published on Tumblr and Reddit, it suffices to paste the original post’s URL: we will collect the required data automatically and will generate a correct reference in IEEE Style or any other citation style.

Examples of references

S. Pichai, “Might need to work on my surfing skills 🌊 chrome://dino/.” Twitter. Accessed: Dec. 15, 2021. [Online]. Available:

Grafiati, “🇬🇧 Grafiati offers a new citation style: RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry). RSC Style is developed by the Royal Society.” Facebook. Accessed: Feb. 24, 2023. [Online]. Available:

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