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How to Use ABNT Citations in Your Work

The Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) has issued several standards governing bibliographic and citation rules. There are two primary standards:

  1. ABNT NBR 6023:2018, which is responsible for creating bibliographic references and formatting your academic work.
  2. ABNT NBR 10520:2023, which outlines the rules for in-text citations, footnotes, and other in-text inserts.

The second standard was recently updated, rendering its previous edition, ABNT NBR 10520:2002, obsolete.

The ABNT citation style encompasses two possible systems: the author-date system and the numerical system. The former employs in-text citations in the author-date format, e.g., (Blaustein, 2023, p. 14), while the latter uses reference numbers to connect citations to specific sources in a bibliography, e.g., (2, p. 38). Additionally, the standard permits the use of bibliographic footnotes, which correspond to the bibliographic entries.

Grafiati includes all these ABNT style variants, making the referencing process fairly easy. To begin adding references, click on your chosen source type at the top of this page and input the source's information into the provided fields. You'll have your first ABNT reference in no time.

Differences Between ABNT NBR 10520:2023 and 10520:2002

While the 2023 version of NBR 10520 standard is an updated edition of the 2002 standard and draws heavily from its rules, there are notable differences between the two. Here are the main distinctions:

What's different

Old version: ABNT NBR 10520:2002

New version: ABNT NBR 10520:2023

No longer use all uppercase letters in authors' names in in-text citations

(PRATCHETT, 2022, p. 77)

(UNITED NATIONS, 2021, p. 9)

(Pratchett, 2022, p. 77)

(United Nations, 2021, p. 9)

The same applies to the titles of unauthored sources

(TITLE, 2023, p. 101)

(Title, 2023, p. 101)

In-text citations in the numeric system now include page numbers


(16, p. 128)

Different formatting of ellipsis when the title is abbreviated

(THE WORLD..., p. 34)

(The world [...], p. 34)

You can utilize these rules to easily switch between the two editions of ABNT NBR 10520, or you can visit the main Grafiati page and let us handle your references for you.

ABNT NBR 10520:2023 online citation generator by Grafiati

We've long been committed to providing citation algorithms for ABNT 6023:2018 on our website, benefiting many Brazilian users with automatic citation generation. Following the release of ABNT NBR 10520:2023, we promptly added support for it on our website as well.

You can generate references in any of these formats, and many more, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago, among others. Create your bibliography for free by following this link.

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