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What is KnightCite?

KnightCite is an online citation generator tool that includes the KnightCite APA, KnightCite MLA, and KnightCite Chicago generators. It is used by students to create their bibliographic references for their papers and theses.

What are the pros and cons of KnightCite?


  • KnightCite can be used free of charge.


  • KnightCite offers only three styles: APA, MLA, and Chicago. Moreover, the APA KnightCite generator is based on APA 6th ed., while the latest version is the 7th ed.;
  • the Knight Cite APA, Knight Cite MLA, and Knight Cite Chicago generator do not provide the in-text citations and footnotes;
  • all of the Knight Cite generators do not offer the correct ordering of your references in accordance with each particular citation style, which violates the rules of the publication manuals;
  • the ‘Cite Knight’ generator interface is obsolete and to the utmost uncomfortable. Knightcite com is not adapted to mobile devices at all;
  • there are many faults, errors, and aspects of incompleteness in Cite Knight APA and other style references;
  • there is no connection to any databases: instead of adding your references in just one click, you need to input all data manually;
  • you can only add one citation without registration.

How is Grafiati better than KnightCite?

Grafiati is different not only to KnightCite but also to any other bibliographic management service such as Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, and the like: we do not use the faulty citation algorithms shared by these services and develop our proprietary tools. As a result, we offer the best quality of references & citations on the web.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you would choose Grafiati instead of KnightCite:

  • We offer more citation styles, all in their latest editions and handcrafted.
  • In contrast to the KnightCite APA tool, we offer the up-to-date 7th edition of APA.
  • Our tool is totally user-friendly: no outdated interfaces or hardly clickable buttons.
  • Grafiati is 100% adapted to all devices and the most popular browsers.
  • Our citations and references are the most correct on the web thanks to the use of proprietary citation algorithms.
  • With Grafiati, you can search for books and journal articles in catalogues and add references in one click. You can also retrieve website information and add webpage references in one click.
  • You can use a bunch of our free tools to avoid any time expenditures with your citations.
  • We are dynamically developing and constantly adding new features and opportunities to our web service.

How to use your bibliographic management service?

Visit our homepage and start adding your references by choosing the desired type of source. Our website is available for free in its basic version, but you can also get the unlimited opportunities by subscribing to our premium access.

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