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What is BibGuru?

BibGuru is an online citation generator tool that offers the automated generation of bibliographic references in different citation styles (BibGuru APA, BibGuru MLA, BibGuru Chicago, etc.).

What are the pros and cons of the BibGuru citation generator?


  • BibGuru is a free-of-charge service;
  • the website offers many citation styles;
  • the service allows exporting one’s bibliography in several formats.


  • While many styles are available, some core ones are missing, such as the new MLA 9th ed.;
  • the website offers many different source types for citing (including sculpture, exhibition, and so on), but in most cases such source types offer only a basic range of fields, and therefore the references generated are incorrect and violate the requirements of the style guides;
  • beyond this, there are other BibGuru references errors in references and citations, which are similar to the errors produced by other similar citation generators such as CiteThisForMe, Zotero, and so on; as a result, the bibliographies are often incorrect;
  • the language of the bibliography cannot be switched;
  • many tools are missing, which requires you entering data manually, instead of generating the citations in one click.

How is Grafiati better than BibGuru?

Since the Bib Guru citation generators produce the same errors as the other similar services, the main drawback for the users is the lack of high-quality citations. Grafiati adopts a totally different approach and offers individually developed algorithms for every single citation style, which guarantees that your bibliographic references and in-text citations will always be perfect.

So, why you would opt for Grafiati?

  • We offer the best quality of references and citations on the web.
  • In contrast to BibGuru, we support all the citation styles in their latest editions and were the world’s first service to introduce the generation of references in MLA 9th ed.
  • We have unique tools to make your referencing process to the utmost simple: you can cite a YouTube video or a Twitter post in just one click, retrieve the data of a website in a second, or cite millions of works from the connected scholarly databases in a blink of an eye.
  • Our website is adapted to all types of devices and can be used on-the-go.
  • Grafiati is simple to use and user-friendly.
  • The development of the service is largely based on the recommendations of the users.

How to use the bibliographic management service Grafiati?

Start adding sources right from our homepage. Follow the tips of our interface to create your bibliographic references and make a perfect bibliography with Grafiati.

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