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What is RSC Style?

The acronym RSC stands for Royal Society of Chemistry. The Royal Society of Chemistry is a UK-based learned society involved in the sector of chemical research and specialised in the publication of a number of worldwide-renowned scholarly journals in chemistry.

RSC Style is the referencing style developed by the Royal Society of Chemistry and used by its journals, as well as by other publications and organisations in the chemical science.

What are the particularities of RSC Style?

While sharing many of the common characteristics of referencing styles in the chemical sector, RSC style has a number of specific features.

Summarising, it can be stated that the style often omits titles of works in bibliographic references, which is namely true speaking of journal articles, book sections, patents, etc. Another particular feature is the fact that RSC Style requires omitting URLs in references for any sources except those that exist only in the online form (e.g. a webpage or an online video). Nevertheless, the DOI can be given for the journal article when the volume number and the page range are missing.

There are a number of other tiny nuances that one should be aware of when submitting a paper to the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Also, it is worth noting that the Royal Society of Chemistry has its official Endnote referencing scheme that can be used within this software to create references. Interestingly enough, even these official files contain some errors such as the incorrect spelling of edition numbers for books.

What is the purpose of the RSC reference generator by Grafiati?

The RSC citation generator by Grafiati is destined to be a one-stop site for chemical researchers and enthusiasts to generate easily their bibliographic references in accordance with the requirements of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Our RSC Style reference generator is based on custom-tailored algorithms, is robust, and not only avoids errors but also allows you citing virtually any type of source in accordance with the premises of the RSC referencing style, even if the association’s manual fails to cover the rules for this source type explicitly.

By using our RSC Style citation generator, you can create your bibliographies in virtually seconds and convert them into numerous other citation styles in case of need.

A distinctive feature of the RSC generator by Grafiati is the fact that it allows generating references in RSC Style in 8 languages, and not only in English. This means that, being a chemical researcher in a non-English-speaking country, you can still conveniently use the RSC referencing style in your paper or thesis. This broadens the geographic coverage of RSC Style and allows students and tutors around the globe benefitting from its advantages conveniently.

How to use the RSC Style citation generator by Grafiati?

In order to start using our RSC Style generator, visit our homepage, select RSC from the list of available citation styles and add a reference by either inputting the metadata of a source manually or finding it in our vast catalogues.

Tip: you can also use the widget on the top of this page to start adding your RSC references.

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