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2023: This citation style has been updated to align with the latest ABNT standard, NBR 10520:2023. Use our newest ABNT citation generator to take advantage of these enhancements and ensure your citations are in line with the current standard.

What is ABNT?

ABNT is the short name for ABNT NBR 6023:2018, a Brazilian standard governing the creation of bibliographic references and in-text citations for scholarly papers and other written works. The standard is developed and published by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas).

What are the specifics of ABNT as a referencing standard?

ABNT NBR 6023:2018 is one of the complex standards with detailed rules for the references and citations for different source types. There are different rules applied to different elements of bibliographic entries, and one should memorise when to use the italics, the bold font, what elements should be written in all capitals, and so on.

There are two methods of the ABNT standard: the author-date and the numeric systems. Both assume different approaches to the ordering of sources in a bibliography and to the creation of in-text citations. Moreover, the author-date system may use either in-text citations or footnotes in the text of the work.

What is the purpose of the ABNT citation generator Grafiati?

The online references generator for ABNT Grafiati aims at creating the most accurate references and citations in accordance with the requirements of ABNT NBR 6023:2018.

By using our ABNT citation generator, you can:

  • get the most correct references in accordance with ABNT;
  • get the accurate ordering of references in either the author-date or the numeric system;
  • obtain both the footnotes and the in-text citations that you can paste into your paper;
  • spare over 90% of the time expenditures on bibliographies;
  • convert between Brazilian and international citation styles in one click;
  • manage your bibliographies in the ABNT format or any other citation style comfortably online.

How is Grafiati different from other citation generators (Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc.)?

Grafiati is the only online service for bibliographic management that supports both systems of the ABNT standard. We do not rely on the same referencing algorithms shared by Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, and other similar services and, as a result, we offer top-quality references. Here is why you would use Grafiati as an ABNT citation generator:

  • we offer the references and citations in both the author-date and the numeric system of ABNT NBR 6023:2018;
  • our website supports the full localisation of ABNT references, which means that you can cite in the Portuguese, English, and six other languages;
  • you can export your bibliographies formatted as per the requirements of ABNT;
  • all references can be cross-converted into the other available citation styles;
  • we have many tools that will help you to control the spelling of your references and many more.

What should I do to start using your bibliographic manager?

Visit our homepage, select the type of source you would like to cite and search for it in our catalogues or fill in the data manually. Our interface will guide you through and will help you complete your tasks.

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