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What is AMA Style?

AMA Style is a common name given to the rules of bibliographic references and in-text citations described in the AMA Manual of Style published by the American Medical Association. AMA Style is based on the rules of Vancouver Style and is used widely by scholarly journals in the medical sector. The latest edition of AMA Style to date is AMA 11th ed.

How is AMA citing specific?

As AMA is based on the rules of the Vancouver system, it adopts the author-number system of references, which means that all bibliographic entries should be given in the same chronological order in which the appropriate citations appear in the text of one’s paper.

The rules of AMA Style cover different approaches applied to different types of source (print or electronic, books or journal articles, etc.). For each specific source type, you need to know which particular elements to given in the reference, whether to italicise the title, what specific word case to use, and so on.

What is the purpose of the AMA references generator Grafiati?

Being aware of the difficulties associated with mastering the rules of references and citations of AMA Style, we aim to simplify your referencing work and to make your references accurate in every respect. By using our citations & references generator, you can:

  • dedicate your time to research instead of spending days on learning the rules of referencing in the AMA Manual of Style;
  • get the most accurate and the most detailed references in AMA style on the web;
  • easily convert all your references into any other citation style in case of need;
  • double-check that your references are correct thanks to our integrated style-specific tools;
  • use our extensive catalogues for retrieving the source you need.

How to use Grafiati for AMA references and citations?

To start using our service, visit our homepage, select the source type you would like to cite (book, journal article, preprint, social media post, etc.), and choose AMA (11th ed.) as the citation style. All the work with your bibliographies is performed on our homepage, which makes it easy and comfortable to add and edit references, switch between citation styles, and so on.

All our basic functions available for free. You can also purchase one of our premium packages. See our subscription page for more detail.

How is Grafiati different from other citation generators (Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc.)?

The popular citation generator tools such as Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc. use the same referencing algorithms distributed as the open-source code. As a result, these services share many common flaws and errors (for example, see the inaccuracies of the aforesaid generators for Vancouver Style) and also lack flexibility.

In contrast to Zotero and other similar applications, we are an independent service, and all our referencing algorithms are custom-tailored, which ensures their top quality and provides you with virtually unlimited opportunities in references. To learn more about how Grafiati’s approach allows obtaining the best market quality in contrast to the abovementioned resources, see this article.

By using Grafiati, you can work with your references comfortably and get the top-notch results.

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