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What is Citethisforme?

Cite this for me is a popular online citation generator. It includes the Cite this for me APA, Cite this for me Harvard, Cite this for me MLA, Cite this for me Vancouver, Cite this for me Chicago, Cite this for me IEEE, and other citation style generators.

What are the pros and cons of Citethisforme?


  • Cite this for me is one of the most widely known reference generators;
  • it offers many citation styles;
  • it allows easily converting between different citation styles.


  • Citethisforme contains many errors in generated references and citations;
  • the Citethisforme APA and Citethisforme MLA generators are rigid and deliver results that are often not in compliance with the requirements of the APA Manual of Style and the MLA Handbook;
  • the Citethisforme Chicago, Citethisforme Vancouver, and Citethisforme Harvard generators contain multiple flaws;
  • the service fails to provide any correct ordering of references and formatting of bibliographies, which violates the rules of particular citation styles;
  • Cite this for me website is not adapted to mobile devices;
  • Citethisforme has low user-friendliness;
  • the premium features of Citethisforme com are excessively expensive.

How is Grafiati better than Citethisforme?

We do not use the open-source code shared by Citethisforme, Zotero, Mendeley, and many other similar services. While it is currently considered an ‘industry standard’, it has multiple flaws. Moreover, Cite this for me cannot develop this code or improve it. In contrast, we are flexible, dynamic, we write our own code from scratch, and we are dedicated to quality.

So, why us and not Citethisforme?

  • We have 15 citation styles instead of 8,000. Why? Because they are all written manually with our best care for your perfect bibliographic references and in-text citations.
  • We provide unique custom algorithms offering the most precise references & citations unavailable from any other services: articles from e-journals, archival documents with descriptive titles, legal citations adapted to every particular country, published and unpublished dissertations, in-built transliteration, and many more.
  • Our generator provides a unique engine for ordering you references in accordance with the requirements of each particular citation style (see here how it is done for APA, MLA, and Chicago styles).
  • We have handy tools to fit your most sophisticated needs, for example, our case analyser or our automated retrieval of website metadata, which both deliver the best quality on the web.
  • We format your bibliography page in accordance with what is required by each citation style (fonts, margins, indents, numbering, etc.).
  • We deliver dedicated customer support and develop our service based on the needs of our customers.
  • We offer moderate prices for our services, and you can even use most of our features for free.
  • We are 100% adapted to all types of devices. Grafiati can be used on the go, from your classroom, at home, or in a taxi cab.

How to use your bibliographic management service?

Our aim is to make it all plain simple. Just go to our homepage, select the source type you need, and fill in the data or retrieve them from catalogues and generate your reference and in-text citation in one click. That’s all.

Our help messages and intuitive buttons will allow you holding the full grasp of all our features and the most refined control over your references.

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