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What is Citavi?

Citavi is a knowledge management software kit that, among other things, includes the Citavi citation generators.

What are the pros and cons of the Citavi citation generator?


  • Citavi includes almost 12,000 citation styles;
  • the Citavi download package contains tools such as the Citavi Word add-in.


  • Citavi is only available as downloadable software in its full version;
  • you cannot conveniently use Citavi online and from any mobile devices;
  • the interface is user-unfriendly, hard to master, and requires you to spend much time on learning the instructions and guides instead of starting to work with your references right away;
  • there are many additional functions which are not necessary for your citations and which only impede the process of creating references;
  • the prices are very high, much higher than on any online citation service.

How is Grafiati better than Citavi?

Here is why you should opt for Grafiati:

  • all our services are available online: no need to download and install, use Grafiati on the go;
  • you can use our service from a mobile phone or a tablet: all interface elements are carefully adapted to your device;
  • all our code is custom-made: you get less citation styles, but they are all perfectly crafted and are being constantly updated;
  • you can use our service for free or purchase a premium package at a price much more moderate compared to the Citavi generator to enjoy all features;
  • we combine the deepest detail on the web with the greatest simplicity: no need to spend any time on mastering the interface, our generator can be used out of the box;
  • we deliver responsive customer support;
  • you have the access to many unique tools such as the choice of your bibliography’s language and translation of all reference items, word case analyser, detailed legal citations, and many more.

How to use your bibliographic management service?

Start with our homepage. Select the source type you want to cite. Then search for your source in catalogues and add the reference in one click or fill in the data manually.

Once the reference is generated, change the citation style, the ordering of references, and so on. You have the access to all our features within the same window and tab of your browser: everything works as fast as possible.

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