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What is NLM Style?

NLM Style is an international citation style used predominantly in the field of medical and biological sciences. The acronym NLM stands for National Library of Medicine, an institute making a part of the National Institutes of Health of the United States.

The rules of the National Library of Medicine Style are set out in the manual entitled Citing Medicine: The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers.

NLM Style is commonly referred to as Vancouver Style. Although Vancouver Style is a generic name of the referencing system that is the basis for a number of specific citation styles (e.g. AMA, CSE, and so on), by default, the canonical version Vancouver Style is right NLM Style as described in Citing Medicine.

What are the specifics of NLM Style?

To know more about the particular specifics of the NLM referencing style, see our article on Vancouver Style. Also, for the particular rules of citing in the National Library of Medicine reference style, see our Vancouver referencing guides.

Here, it is worth noting that NLM Style has three different systems:

  • NLM citation-sequence;
  • NLM citation-name;
  • NLM name-year.

The citation-sequence system is the one used most widely in medical referencing. It is the system that is commonly referred simply to as Vancouver Style. Also, this is the style that applies in the Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals. It assumes that the bibliographic references are to be presented in the chronological order of the appearance of in-text citations. The NLM in-text citations are number given in parentheses that correspond to the appropriate bibliographic entries.

The two other systems are used less often. The references in the citation-name system are the same as in the citation-sequence approach but are given in the alphabetical order sorted by author’s name and title. At the same time, the name-year system (also referred to as Vancouver author-date) assumes that the date should be given after the author in the bibliography, and the in-text citations should contain the name of the author and the year of publication.

What is the purpose of the NLM citation generator Grafiati?

The NLM citation generator by Grafiati seeks to deliver high-quality references and in-text citations in each of the referencing systems designed by the National Library of Medicine. By using the NLM reference generator by Grafiati, you can:

  • get accurate references in NLM Style for different source types;
  • get precise in-text citations;
  • get the accurate ordering of references in each of the three systems;
  • easily convert all your NLM references and citations into any other citation style;
  • manage your references in the NLM format online from any device.

In what terms is the NLM format generator by Grafiati better than the competitors?

We have prepared an article describing in detail how we avoid the common errors of other NLM citation generators for the commonly used citation-sequence system. See this article to learn more.

How to start using the NLM Style reference generator by Grafiati?

Go to our homepage, select ‘Vancouver’ from the list of available citation styles (choose among the available Vancouver/NLM options should you need a different citation system) and start adding references by selecting the source type you need to cite.

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