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What is Endnote?

Endnote is knowledge management software developed by Clarivate Analytics. One of the main features of the Endnote software is its reference generators in different international citation styles. The latest version of Endnote is Endnote x10; however, Endnote x9, Endnote x8, and Endnote x7 are also widely used.

What are the pros and cons of Endnote?


  • Endnote works with many citation styles;
  • Endnote allows retrieving data from many databases;
  • the Endnote download package includes the Endnote Word plugin;
  • the Endnote software can be downloaded as Endnote for Mac and Endnote for PC.


  • Endnote is paid software, and the prices are very high. Although some people search for Endnote cracks, this is illegal. Endnote free downloads are available only for a trial period and only after you submit much of your personal data and Endnote accepts to provide you with the aforesaid trial period;
  • there is no Endnote online version. Instead of working comfortably with an Endnote web application, you need to download Endnote and install it on your PC;
  • Endnote is extremely complicated and has many functions that are not connected with the creation of references and in-text citations. The interface of Endnote is outdated and not user-friendly, which makes it hard to use the software;
  • Endnote citations contain many errors, even with popular styles such as APA, MLA, or Chicago Style. For example, the software does not handle correctly the references for sources with more than 20 authors in APA (7th ed.), there are issues with the format of page range for different styles, there is no correct translation of your bibliography into different languages, and so on;
  • just as any other similar software such as Zotero or Mendeley, Endnote provides you with the same templates suitable for the United States only. You will not be able to reference correctly a law of the United Kingdom, France, or Italy;
  • you need to spend huge amounts of time to learn how to work with the Endnote styles and even with the Endnote basic features. As stated above, the interface is extremely complex, and you need to watch over dozens of Endnote tutorials to start understanding how to use the software. Endnote referencing can be very painful.

How is Grafiati better than Endnote?

In contrast to the End Note generator, we focus on simplicity and the best user experience delivered together with the top quality of citations and references.

We develop all our code from scratch for each individual citation style, which means that we have the full control over our algorithms and deliver a totally flexible and customised service. This goes in contrast with the approach of most international services such as Zotero, Mendeley, Citation Machine, and so on, which use the same open-source code penetrated with thousands of errors in references.

There are dozens of reasons why you would choose Grafiati instead of Endnote, and here are some of them highlighted:

  • You get the best quality of bibliographic references and in-text citations. We are not dependent on any third-party code and therefore can develop our service based on our users’ needs.
  • We do not commit the same errors as Endnote. Our citations in APA, MLA, Chicago, and other citation styles are crafted to match as closely as possible all the tiny nuances of each particular publication manual.
  • We offer many unique features to make your citations perfect: cite articles with eLocators instead of page ranges, include the names of compilers and illustrators in your references, get the titles in the correct case depending on the chosen citation style, cite preprints and archival documents, and many more.
  • Save as much as 90% of your time that you would have to sacrifice to watching the Endnote tutorials. In contrast to End Note, we are to the utmost simple and user-friendly. No need in any special knowledge – just start adding your references.
  • Grafiati is adapted to all your devices and can be used comfortably from any browser. Instead of searching for the Endnote Mac or PC version, just start using our service right away.
  • We are specific. You can create bibliographies in the language of your country and you can cite the sources as it is done in your country (from the adapted date format to the correct citation of the laws of your specific jurisdiction).
  • Grafiati can be used for free. You can also purchase our premium package, which is many times cheaper compared to End Note.

How to use your bibliographic management service?

Start with our homepage and try out how everything works. Again, there is no need in watching any tutorials. Our interface is designed to help you whenever necessary.

You can also contact us with any suggestions.

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