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What is Cell?

Cell is the citation style used by Cell Press scientific journals and is based on the guidelines for authors provided on their website, as well as real examples of bibliographies in published articles.

While the style's rules are concise, they provide a clear framework for presenting data in bibliographic references. Like many other citation styles, Cell utilizes the author-date system when creating references. For example, to add information about an article from a scientific journal to the list of references, you need to write information about it in the following format:

Author (Year). Article title. Journal title Volume, Pages. DOI / URL.

The first three elements – author, year, and title – are common to most types of sources and are always given in the format shown.

Despite placing the date of the source in one of the leading positions in the reference, the sources in the bibliography should not be ordered by date of publication or alphabetically, but by the order of reference to this source in the text of your paper. The source you cited first is listed first.

The Cell style is suitable for creating bibliographies for the following journals:

  • Cancer Cell;
  • Cell;
  • Cell Chemical Biology;
  • Cell Genomics;
  • Cell Host & Microbe;
  • Cell Metabolism;
  • Cell Reports;
  • Cell Reports Medicine;
  • Cell Reports Methods;
  • Cell Reports Physical Science;
  • Cell Stem Cell;
  • Cell Systems;
  • Chem;
  • Chem Catalysis;
  • Current Biology;
  • Developmental Cell;
  • Immunity;
  • iScience;
  • Joule;
  • Matter;
  • Med;
  • Molecular Cell;
  • Neuron;
  • One Earth;
  • Patterns;
  • STAR Protocols;
  • Structure;
  • The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG);
  • Stem Cell Reports.

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