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What is MHRA Style?

MHRA Style is an international citation style developed by the Modern Humanities Research Association (United Kingdom). The rules of MHRA Style are set out in MHRA Style Guide: A Handbook for Authors and Editors. To date, the manual’s 3rd edition is the latest one and contains the most up-to-date recommendations for the creation of bibliographic references and in-text citations.

What are the specifics of MHRA Style as a referencing style?

The spheres of science where MHRA Style is used most widely include the humanities and arts, namely in literature, linguistics, philosophy, history, visual arts, and so on.

A distinctive trait of MHRA Style is that it offers two alternative systems for bibliographic references and in-text citations: the first one – notes and bibliography – assumes that footnotes correspond to the entries in a bibliography, while the second one – the author-date system – requires citing the works included in the list of references by giving the name of the author and the year of publication directly in the text of the paper.

Both variations of the MHRA referencing style have their own specifics: for example, the notes and bibliography approach sets different requirements to the contents of the first and the later references in footnotes, while the author-date system has complex rules as regards the presentation of the names of the authors, ordering of bibliographic references, and so on.

In addition, MHRA has its specific requirements to the contents of references: for example, no visit date should be given for sources with a DOI, the volume numbers for books should be written in small caps as Roman numerals, the issues and parts of issues of journals are separated by a full stop, and so on.

What is the purpose of the MHRA citation generator Grafiati?

The MHRA Style citation generator by Grafiati is a tool developed specifically to create automatically bibliographic references, footnotes, and in-text citations fully compliant with the requirements of MHRA. By using our MHRA Style references generator, you get:

  • top-notch quality achieved through custom referencing algorithms;
  • minimised time expenditures;
  • correct ordering of all your MHRA Style references in a bibliography;
  • one-click conversion into any other citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.);
  • tips and tools to refine your references;
  • support for all devices.

How is the free MHRA reference generator by Grafiati better than the competitors?

Instead of reading tons of text comparing our features with other citation generators, you should better try out our MHRA referencing generator and see everything on your own. Actually, the MHRA Style citation generator by Grafiati delivers unpreceded quality due to the fact that we reject the common approach to the generation of references and develop our custom algorithms, pushing the generation of bibliographic references to a completely new level (interested in more detail? See this article). Here are some highlights of why you would choose to stick to our bibliographic management platform:

  • We support both systems of MHRA Style (notes and bibliography and author-date).
  • The MHRA footnote generator by Grafiati creates not only references but also all kinds of footnotes and in-text citations, which allows you focusing completely on the contents of your paper and not on references.
  • All the ordering of references in both systems is done by our industry-leading algorithms: you can simply paste your MHRA list of references into your article or thesis.
  • We offer the generation of references with the high-quality translation into eight languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Ukrainian, and Polish). As a result, our MHRA format generator can be used by local journals in different countries.
  • Grafiati delivers maximum automation with everything you do: you can cite books, journal articles, YouTube videos, tweets, laws, and other source types in just one click.
  • All your MHRA Style references can be converted into any other citation style and vice-versa.

How to start using the MHRA Style citation generator by Grafiati?

No instructions or video tutorials to watch. Just go to our homepage – you will find everything you need there. Working with our MHRA references generator is all easy.

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