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What is Paperpile?

Paperpile is reference management software. A part of this software is the Paperpile APA, Paperpile MLA, Paperpile Chicago, and other citation style generators.

What are the pros and cons of Paperpile?


  • Paperpile offers many citation styles;
  • Paperpile offers additional tools such as PDF management.


  • the references and citations generated by Paperpile have many flaws, which is due to the third-party open-source code used by the software (see this article for more detail);
  • there are many functions not related to citations and references, which makes your work with the software more complicated;
  • the interface is hard to learn, and you need to spend time on tutorials;
  • many source types are missing, e.g. preprints or archival documents;
  • many tools are missing for helping you to avoid errors with your references;
  • there is no online version, you need to download Paperpile.

How is Grafiati better than Paperpile?

Grafiati focuses purely on references and citations. Your attention will not be distracted by any unnecessary elements as in Paper Pile, and thus you can focus on citing the required sources.

Here why you would choose Grafiati as your citation manager:

  • We write our proprietary code which allows reaching a totally different level of quality in references and citations.
  • We offer many convenient tools to refine your bibliographies.
  • We have the most powerful reference ordering engine on the web, which allows you complying with all the requirements of each particular publication manual.
  • No need to download anything. Work online from any device.
  • Absolute simplicity merged with power.
  • Opportunity to use the website for free or subscribe to one of the premium plans.
  • Great customer support and constant update of the service.

How to use your bibliographic management service?

Create your bibliography on our homepage by adding a reference. Our tips will help you in case of need. The process is to the utmost simple and comfortable.

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