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What is APA Style?

APA Style is one of the international citation styles used most widely on the global scale by universities and scholarly journals. It defines the rules for creating bibliographic references and in-text citations. APA format is used to prepare scholarly papers. The latest edition of APA Style is APA 7th ed.

How is APA citing specific?

APA uses the traditional author-date approach. The manual of APA Style delivers recommendations on citing and referencing different types of sources and is considered one of the most exhaustive referencing manuals.

According to the rules of APA Style, each entry in a list of references should have a corresponding citation in the text of your paper.

The rules of creating bibliographic references in APA Style are complex and differ for each particular source type. You can find detailed instructions on how to reference books, journal articles, webpages, patents, laws, and many other source types in our guides.

The rules for in-text citations assume many nuances as well: you can find out more about the in-text citations in APA (7th ed.) in this article.

What is the purpose of the APA citation generator Grafiati?

Grafiati is an online citations & references generator that allows you creating bibliographic references and in-text citations automatically in line with the requirements of APA Style (7th ed.).

By using our bibliographic manager and APA generator, you can:

  • get accurate and reasonably detailed references and citations in APA Style;
  • avoid errors;
  • save as much as 90% and more of your time on writing references and citations;
  • avoid plagiarism in your paper thanks to correct quotations;
  • get your bibliography rendered in APA format (with all appropriate fonts, margins, etc.);
  • manage your data effectively for multiple scholarly works.

How to use Grafiati for APA references and citations?

Start with our homepage. Choose the source type you need to cite from the appropriate menu (book, book chapter, website, newspaper article, etc.) and either fill in the data fields given or search for this source in catalogues (most often, you will find the source you need, and all metadata will be filled in automatically in just one click).

After you add the reference, it will be shown in your bibliography. You can then select a citation style from the main menu, which can be APA (7th ed.) or other styles such as MLA (8th ed.), Chicago (17th ed.), Harvard, ISO 690:2010, etc.

All references will be converted into the chosen citation style in just one click, together with the in-text citations.

You can copy your references and in-text citations to paste them into your work, order them by different criteria (with our powerful engine for ordering in accordance with the rules of each particular citation style, including APA 7), export your bibliography, and many more. Our APA reference generator will do all the desired work.

How is Grafiati different from other citation generators (Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc.)?

All these and other citation generators you might know are using the same open-source code with many errors, which means that they most often produce just the same results, with the same errors, and so on. And this is why all such services have up to 8,000 citation styles available, which does not guarantee the high quality of references.

In contrast, we at Grafiati are dedicated to quality instead of quantity. We are writing all our algorithms from scratch, by studying in detail the manuals for each particular citation style (including the APA Publication Manual (7th edition)) and the recommendations of universities.

This is why we offer a totally new level of quality and detail as a citation generator (APA and other styles), still delivering simplicity and user-friendliness. You get more correct citations (editions of books, articles with eLocators, archival documents with descriptive titles, custom contributors’ roles, and many more), you get types of sources unavailable on other services, and you get top-notch service, as we are updating our website with cool features almost every day.

What should I do to start using your bibliographic manager?

You can use Grafiati for free. The free access allows you using almost all features of our website, yet with time limitations. We also offer premium accounts that provide unlimited opportunities.

You can use the website without registration, but we strongly advise signing up in order to make sure that your data would not be lost.

You can also contact us with any suggestions and recommendations.

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