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What is Harvard style?

The Harvard referencing style is an international citation style adopted by a great number of institutions and scholarly journals around the globe as a system for creating bibliographic references and in-text citations.

A distinctive characteristic of the Harvard style is the fact that it is not officially published by any institution and therefore is used as a conventional system whose requirements can vary from university to university.

How is Harvard citing specific?

The Harvard citation style uses the traditional author-date approach, which means that a source is identified by its author and date of publication.

As noted above, there is no official edition of the Harvard style manual, due to which there can be many differences in the references and in-text citations in Harvard among different institutions, for example, the use of different punctuation patterns, word cases, descriptions of types of sources, and so on.

On our website Grafiati, you can find extensive guides to referencing sources in accordance with the Harvard style and to in-text citations in the Harvard system. These guides are based on a thorough analysis of the recommendations of the University of Sheffield and other institutions both in the United Kingdom and in other countries.

You can read more about the Harvard style in our guides.

What is the purpose of the Harvard referencing generator Grafiati?

The Harvard reference generator is one of the main features of the online bibliographic manager Grafiati. Its main aim is to deliver accurate citations in the Harvard style to fit the needs of scientists and students all over the world.

Here are the main reasons why you should use our Harvard citation generator:

  • the Harvard generator by Grafiati delivers the most detailed referencing algorithms on the web;
  • we produce accurate citations based on the recommendations of the world’s most renowned universities;
  • the Harvard bibliography generator by Grafiati allows you sparing up to 90% of your time spent on references citations and avoiding accidental plagiarism;
  • our service is adapted to the  specific needs of customers from different countries;
  • you can work with your bibliographies comfortably from any desktop or portable device;
  • you get the best user experience: no need to study any instructions, our website is intuitive and can be used out of the box.

How to use Grafiati for Harvard references and citations?

Harvard citations are just as complex as Harvard references. But not with our service. Open your browser, go to our homepage, select the type of source you want to reference (a book, a journal article, etc.), type in the details of the source, and that’s all – we will do the rest by generating both a bibliographic reference and an in-text citation (Harvard, or any other international style available on our website).

Furthermore, you can skip inputting the details of a source manually: we have vast catalogues where you can find almost any source to cite, and you can generate appropriate references and citations (Harvard style or, as stated above, any other of the most widely used international citation styles).

As soon as you have your reference ready, do whatever you like from the same place: copy, edit, export as ‘.docx’, send by e-mail, order according to different criteria, create new bibliographies, and use all of our additional functions unique on the whole web.

Never miss the chance to try out our cutting-edge Harvard format ordering engine: if you select the ‘Sort according to citation style’ option from the main menu, we will do all the complex ordering of references for you in just one second: no need to spend your precious time on searching for many Harvard rules on the web.

How is Grafiati different from other citation generators (Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc.)?

You might notice that our Harvard references are slightly different in format than the ones delivered by Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, and other similar services. Why so?

In fact, the abovementioned Harvard citation websites are working on the same open-source code that has multiple flaws. You never know what Harvard system they are actually using and which instructions they follow (and you get multiple errors in your bibliography, unfortunately).

In our case, everything is completely transparent. You can read about how our Harvard style generator is built and which rules we are using for delivering top-quality Harvard references to you. All our code is written from scratch: we do not take any third-party algorithms that are rigid, outdated, and erroneous. On the contrary, we are dedicated to produce an unpreceded level of quality. In addition to our Harvard citation style, you can enjoy the best APA (7th ed.), MLA (8th ed. and 9th ed.), Chicago (17th ed.), ISO 690:2010, and other style generators on Grafiati.

We have a great number of unique features: you can read more about every such feature in our news section.

What should I do to start using your bibliographic manager?

As we have said, it works out of the box. Go to our homepage, select the source type you need, and fill in the data: that’s all you need.

You can use our free Harvard citation generator with some limitations but can also subscribe to a premium plan to enjoy all of our features in full.

Contact us in case for any suggestions, recommendations, or feedback.

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