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What is MLA Style?

NEW 2021: We now support MLA 9. Generate your references in the latest edition of MLA Style.

MLA Style is a widely recognised international citation style used for writing and referencing works in the humanities and in the related disciplines.

To date, the latest edition of the MLA Handbook is the 9th edition, which describes in detail the approach to referencing and citing adopted by the Modern Language Association.

How is MLA citing specific?

Starting from the 8th edition, MLA has adopted a new approach to compiling the list of works cited, which allows writers creating their bibliographies using one general pattern.

In contrast to offering individual templates for each particular source type, which inevitably requires a writer to have an in-depth knowledge of the manual, MLA Style now resides on the system of the so-called ‘containers’, according to which it is only required to identify a source properly and to state its common elements such as the names of the authors, title, and publisher. This offers a more straightforward approach to citing.

However, there are still many specifics of the MLA citation style. In our guides, you can find more detailed information on how to reference a book, a book chapter, a journal article, a webpage, etc. in accordance with the requirements of MLA in works cited and how to create appropriate in-text citations. You can use these guides for MLA (8th ed.) to understand the basics and to avoid errors, but we always advise using our online citation generator, which will do all the work for you.

What is the purpose of the MLA citation generator Grafiati?

Grafiati is an online citation generator (MLA and other styles) and reference generator that allows you creating your lists of works cited in MLA Style (8th ed.) without any significant time expenditures. Our website is a bibliographic manager that combines accuracy of references and citations with ease and user-friendliness.

Here is why you should use our MLA generator:

  • we deliver highly accurate bibliographic references and in-text citations in MLA Style;
  • we automatically order your works cited taking into account all the nuances of the MLA format;
  • our correct MLA references allow you avoiding accidental plagiarism;
  • you save as much as 90% or more of your time on research thanks to our MLA works cited generator;
  • you can easily convert all your references into another citation style in just one click;
  • we offer the full support for all types of devices, and you can deal with your paper comfortably even from a mobile phone;
  • we are committed to quality and are developing our service for our users.

How to use Grafiati for MLA references and citations?

Our algorithms are complex but our user interface is plain simple. Just follow these three steps:

  • visit our homepage;
  • select the source type you need (a book, a journal article, etc.) and fill in the required data;
  • click the ‘Add’ button.

That’s all. We will generate the reference and the appropriate in-text citation in MLA format based on the data you submitted.

Moreover, instead of filling in the data manually, you can use our catalogues created based on the materials on worldwide-renowned metadata providers: you will find almost any scholarly article or book you might imagine, and all fields will be filled in automatically in just one click.

Then, you can perform all operations from one place: change the citation style, sort by different criteria, copy and paste, export, etc. from our homepage. Fast, easy, accurate, and all adapted to your needs.

Our custom style-specific ordering engine will allow you sorting all your references in the works cited list automatically taking into consideration the tiniest nuances of MLA: spare the time on your research instead of the formalities.

How is Grafiati different from other citation generators (Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc.)?

Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, and other similar services are using the same programming code (that contains plenty of errors) for creating their referencing generators. As a result, they simply use the product available from third parties and can work only within the limits imposed by this code.

In contrast, Grafiati is an independent service that is seeking to achieve maximum quality. We are writing our service on our own: all based on the manuals of the appropriate citation styles, including the MLA Handbook (8th ed.). This is why we do not offer many thousand citation styles as the aforementioned services. Instead, we provide top quality for the styles available on our platform (in addition to MLA, those are APA (7th ed.), Chicago (17th ed.), Harvard, ISO 690:2010, and other citation styles).

Do you need to cite correctly a scholarly journal article published online? This is available only on Grafiati. Do you need to reference a law? Only Grafiati allows citing laws other than the laws of the United States, because we adapt our service to the needs of our customers from different countries. Correct book edition citations, descriptive titles of archival documents, extended newspaper templates, and so on – all these features are unique and are possible thanks to our individual approach to citations in MLA (8th ed.) and other styles.

Just look at our news, and you will find many interesting information on our innovations there.

What should I do to start using your bibliographic manager?

Actually, just start citing, even without registration. But we always advise signing up first in order to make sure that your data would be safe and secure.

Grafiati offers most features on a free basis, yet with some time and quantity limitations. You can always purchase one of our premium packages to enjoy our world-class functions in full.

Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions or recommendations.

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