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What is IEEE Style?

IEEE Style is an international referencing style developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The IEEE citation style is used most widely in technical sciences, namely in scholarly journals specialised in electronics, computer engineering, etc.

How is IEEE Style specific?

The IEEE style uses the author-sequence system, which means that all references in a bibliography are sorted by the order they are given in the text of the paper and not alphabetically.

Another characteristic trait of IEEE is the fact that the authors’ initials are put before their last names, which is uncommon to most international citation styles.

The manual of IEEE Style does not provide explicit instructions on referencing and provides examples from which the structure of references can be revealed.

What is the purpose of the IEEE referencing generator Grafiati?

The IEEE Style referencing generator Grafiati is designed to create the most accurate references in accordance with the requirements of the style. Using our online references & citations generator, you can:

  • avoid significant time expenditures and devote your time to research;
  • get the most precise and accurate references in IEEE style on the web;
  • obtain dedicated service with the best quality;
  • work with all your bibliographies and references online from any device;
  • use many citation tools to make your referencing in IEEE easy, comfortable, and pleasant.

How to use Grafiati for IEEE references and citations?

Due to the fact that the IEEE manual does not provide any explicit instructions for referencing different types of sources, it is quite hard to master the references in IEEE and use them in your papers. Grafiati allows avoiding all these difficulties and obtaining your high-quality references in a single click.

To start using our bibliographic manager, visit our homepage and select the source type you are working with. Our menus allows adjusting the settings of your bibliography, copying and editing references, exporting your bibliography, and many more.

How is Grafiati different from other citation generators (Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc.)?

All well-known citations generators such as Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc., are using the same open-source code that they have limited control over. As a result, you get many incorrect and erroneous citations and references without the opportunity to correct them.

Grafiati is an independent service that develops every single citation style algorithms individually to achieve the highest level of quality and flexibility for our users.

Try out our service right away to get your best references in IEEE and other styles.

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