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What is NP 405?

The acronym NP 405 stands for Norma Portuguesa 405. This is the designation of the national standard for bibliographic references adopted in Portugal.

NP 405 sets the rules for compiling the bibliographic references to information sources and the appropriate in-text citations or footnotes. The publication comprises 4 standards dedicated to the rules applicable to printed documents, non-book materials, unpublished documents, and electronic documents.

What are the specifics of Norma Portuguesa 405?

Norma Portuguesa 405 has a number of characteristic traits.

First of all, there are three different systems of references/citations that can be used. The first system assumes the alphabetical ordering of references; the references in a bibliography are accompanied by footnotes in the text of the paper, and there are different rules for the first and the subsequent footnotes. The second system is the so-called numerical system, or ‘citation-sequence’ system; it assumes the ordering of references by chronology of citation and the use of numerical in-text citations. Finally, the third system is the classical ‘author-date’ system.

NP 405 uses punctuation that is not common to the other referencing standards. For example, a hyphen is put between the name of the author and the title of the cited work.

Also, Norma Portuguesa 405 allows applying different formatting to work titles, choosing between the bold font, italics, the underlined fond, and quotes.

There are also other specific traits in terms of the ordering of references, punctuation, and so on.

What is the purpose of the NP 405 reference generator Grafiati?

The Norma Portuguesa 405 reference generator by Grafiati aims at generating automatically the correct and ready-to-use bibliographic references and in-text citations in accordance with the complex rules of the NP 405 format.

There are several key advantages of our NP 405 citation generator that we would like to highlight:

  • Grafiati is the only service that supports different systems of Norma Portuguesa 405, including all the different types of citations, the correct ordering of references in a bibliography, punctuation, etc.
  • Our referencing algorithms are hand-built and allow producing the most exact and accurate references in NP 405.
  • Our NP 405 citation generator supports the different formatting options of Norma Portuguesa 405. By using the bibliography menu button, you can select any title formatting type for your list of references, thus complying with the requirements of your particular journal, university or college, etc.
  • For the alphabetical ordering system, our NP 405 style citation generator produces the two types of footnotes: for the first and the subsequent footnotes. As a result, you can easily paste these into your paper.
  • We support different languages for your bibliography, which means that you can use NP 405 comfortably even when compiling your list of references for a paper in English, Spanish, or French.
  • All your NP 405 references can be converted easily into any other citation style in one click.
  • We have great expertise in the development of tools for regional and national citation styles (for instance, for DSTU (Ukraine), ABNT NBR (Brazil), or ICONTEC (Colombia)), which allows us reaching unpreceded quality with Norma Portuguesa 405 and with the bibliographic management opportunities that you get in general.

In addition to these features, we also guarantee maximum user-friendliness and the opportunity to operate your bibliography from any device.

How to use the Norma Portuguesa 405 reference generator by Grafiati?

All you need to do is go to our homepage and select either of the NP 405 formats from the citation style menu. Next, select the type of source you would like to cite (for the sake of ease, you can simply use the widget on the top of this page). You can then fill in the metadata of the book, journal, or any other type of source you are citing or search for the source in our extensive catalogues. Once finished, press the button, and we will generate your Norma Portuguesa reference and add it to your bibliography.

We offer a number of handy tools for you to create your NP 405 citations easily: for example, you can automatically create references to webpages, online videos, or social media posts by simply pasting their URL. Make sure to discover all of our great features!

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