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What is ACS Style?

ACS Style is a citation style developed by the American Chemical Society. The style is used widely in the sector chemistry and the adjacent sciences. It is the referencing style applied by the journals published by the American Chemical Society (e.g. Account of Chemical Research, Chemical Research in Toxicology, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, and so on), as well as by a great number of other scholarly journals dealing with chemistry.

As of today, the ACS Style guide (ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication) is published in the online format and is being updated steadily by the American Chemical Society on its official website.

What are the specifics of ACS as a referencing standard?

ACS Style has two systems: the numerical system and the author-date system. Each of the two variations has its specifics regarding how the references should be ordered in a bibliography and what information should be included in the in-text citations.

For example, in the ACS numbered system, the references are presented chronologically (by date of citation) in a bibliography and are referred to by the means of the corresponding numbers in the text; in the ACS author-date system, the alphabetical ordering (with many nuances) applies, and the in-text citations contain the name of the author and the year of publication. Moreover, differences may exist in the contents of a reference too.

Another important trait is the fact that ACS Style is being updated online. The rules may change very quickly, e.g. the rules for presenting the dates in bibliographic references, and so on.

The elements included in the references have their specifics as well: e.g. the title of journals are generally abbreviated, the titles of articles can be omitted at all (which is uncommon to the other citation styles), etc.

What is the purpose of the ACS citation generator Grafiati?

The ACS Style citation generator delivered by Grafiati is a tool designed to generate accurate and up-to-date bibliographic references in compliance with the style’s latest requirements. By using our ACS referencing generator, you can:

  • create accurate citations in ACS Style;
  • deal easily with different source types;
  • get the correct ordering of references and the in-text citations (especially important for the ACS author-date system);
  • spare over 90% of time spent on your referencing;
  • convert your references easily into other citation styles.

How is the ACS Style referencing generator by Grafiati better than the competitors?

Our ACS reference generator is based on unique and custom algorithms (in contrast to most other sites and software products such as Zotero, Citethisforme, and so on that use the same programming algorithms). Due to this, we achieve the highest level of quality, combining it with the most useful features and a handy interface. So, here is why our ACS Style generator should be the right choice for you:

  • we offer both ACS Style systems (numerical system + author-date) in their latest editions;
  • our ACS format generator ensures top-quality ordering of your references and supports all the formats of ACS in-text citations;
  • Grafiati is the only ACS generator that allows you changing the language of your references (currently available languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Ukrainian, and Polish);
  • all you references are stored securely and can be accessed online from any type of devices;
  • you can convert your bibliographic references from ACS Style into any other international or regional citation style available (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, IEEE, and so on);
  • we have many useful tools for you to make your ACS referencing simple and smooth: you can cite webpages, online videos, and social media posts by just pasting the link to the material; for the more traditional types of sources such as books, journal articles, or dissertations, use our catalogues with dozens of millions of sources.

How to start using the ACS Style citation generator by Grafiati?

Start with our homepage: this is the place where the whole work process is being carried out. Our tips will guide you through and make you get acquainted quickly with our website.

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