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What is ISO 690:2021 (BS ISO 690:2021)?

ISO 690:2021 is an international standard entitled ‘Information and documentation -- Guidelines for bibliographic references and citations to information resources’. The standard is used widely as a citation style for creating bibliographic references to sources in articles, theses, and other scientific publications.

ISO 690:2021 is the 4th and latest edition of the ISO 690 standard that supersedes the previous edition – ISO 690:2010.

BS ISO 690:2021 is the official version of the standard adopted in the United Kingdom.

What are the specifics of ISO 690:2021?

Just as its previous edition, the 4th version of ISO 690 dated 2021 provides the general guidelines for the creation of bibliographic references instead of offering detailed rules for individual source types.

The newest edition features more extensive examples of the different formats that can be applied to the bibliographic references and describes which elements should be provided in a reference and an in-text citation and in which order.

At the same time, it should be noted that ISO 690:2021 introduces a number of major changes and updates compared to ISO 690:2010, including in terms of the number of authors to be included in a reference, order of contributors, order of other elements, and punctuation.

Our new ISO 690:2021 referencing generator

Grafiati is the world’s first service to introduce the generator for the new version of the ISO 690 standard – ISO 690:2021.

Our new ISO 690:2021 referencing generator features all the advantages of the previous ISO edition citation generator but is adapted to all the newest rules and allows you generating accurate bibliographic references to different types of information sources in just one click.

The main features of our updated ISO 690 citation  generator are the following:

  • generation of references in accordance with the latest – 4th – edition of the standard – ISO 690:2021;
  • adaptation of the references and in-text citations to the examples presented in the text of ISO 690:2021;
  • automatic correct ordering of references in a bibliography in accordance with the updated requirements of ISO 690:2021;
  • we support both ISO 690:2021 and ISO 690:2010. You can convert you references and citations from one standard into the other one (just as in any other citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, etc.) in a single click;
  • we support the generation of references in different languages in line with the requirements of ISO 690:2021: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Ukrainian, and Polish.

How to use Grafiati for ISO 690:2021 references and citations?

Go to our homepage and select ISO 690:2021 from the list of available citation styles. Then, to add a bibliographic reference, select the source type you wish to cite and search for its by keywords in our catalogues or fill in several data fields and click on the button: we will generate your ISO 690:2021 reference automatically and add it to your bibliography.

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