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What is Citefast?

Citefast is a website that includes the Citefast APA, Citefast MLA, and Citefast Chicago generators.

What are the pros and cons of the Citefast citation generator?


  • Cite fast is free of charge;
  • it allows exporting your bibliography in Microsoft Word.


  • Citefast offers only three citation styles: APA, MLA, and Chicago;
  • the Citefast Chicago generator works only with the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual, while the latest edition is Chicago 17th ed. This allows supposing that the website is not being updated and thus is outdated;  
  • the Cite fast APA and Cite fast MLA generators fail to take into account even the basic aspects of how references should be ordered in a bibliography. For example, no Latin lowercase letters are added to the year value in APA;
  • the in-text citations are incorrect. For example, the Citefast APA generator does not add the initials for different authors with the same last name;
  • the types of sources that can be cited are very limited;
  • many basic parameters cannot be included in your references, for example, you cannot reference a book that is a part of a multivolume edition;
  • you cannot effectively convert between different citation styles. For example, if you are working with the APA Citefast generator,  you can only add authors’ initials: therefore, when you switch to the MLA Citefast generator, you need to retrieve the data for each source once again and to add the full names of authors manually;
  • the website is not adapted to mobile devices and has an unfriendly interface;
  • there are no tools to help you avoid errors: for example, you have to control the word case of a source’s title on your own;
  • you can create your bibliography only in English.

How is Grafiati better than Citefast?

In contrast to the Citefast citation generator, Grafiati is an actively developing web service. We are constantly launching new features, developing new tools, and offering new opportunities.

We are also totally different from other citation generators such as Zotero, Citation Machine, or Citethisforme, as we are developing our customary code instead of using the often erroneous and faulty open-source code shared by most services.

So, why should you use Grafiati instead of Cite fast?

  • Our website offers more citation styles, and all in their latest editions, which means that you always get up-to-date references & citations.
  • We provide the most correct referencing algorithms, and you can be confident that you get the best citations.
  • We allow for the greatest depth of citations: add custom contributors’ roles, descriptive titles, parts of multivolume editions, preprints from online servers, and many more.
  • In contrast to the Citefast citation generator, Grafiati orders all your sources in accordance with the rules of the chosen citation style and generates correct in-text citations.
  • All our citations are generated on the go: when you change the citation style, you do not need to make any additional steps: all your citations are generated automatically.
  • We offer many built-in tools to help make your references perfect, including our word case analyser, the transliteration tool, etc.
  • Our website is 100% adapted to all devices and delivers the best user experience on the web.

How to use your bibliographic management service?

Start with our homepage and choose the source type to reference. Then enter the data or search for the source in catalogues: as soon as you are done, we will generate the references and citations for you.

You can use our service for free or purchase a premium package to enjoy the service without any limitations and without ads.

You can find out more about how to use our service here.

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