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What is AIP Style?

AIP Style is a style for compiling references developed by the American Institute of Physics (AIP). This referencing style is used widely in the field of physics around the globe. Most notably, AIP Style is applied in the journals published by the American Institute of Physics such as AIP Advances, Journal of Applied Physics, Applied Physics Reviews, Journal of Renewable & Sustainable Energy, and so on.

What are the particularities of AIP Style?

The latest edition of AIP Style to date is the 4th edition, with the 5th printing published in 1997. While the style is used as a referencing framework in many physics journals, the original publication is quite outdated and does not take into account any online sources. As a result, different university or journal guides can interpret the style’s approaches to citing webpages, websites, or print sources available in electronic form in different ways.

Another notable characteristic of the American Institute of Physics referencing style is the fact that the style offers quite many options, for instance: to give or to omit the titles of journal articles and patents, to give the full range of pages or only the first page of a publication in the reference, and so on.

What is the purpose of the AIP reference generator by Grafiati?

Grafiati is the only AIP citation generator that provides maximum flexibility with AIP references and citations and allows citing both print and online sources taking into account the current practices of the American Institute of Physics.

In contrast to the competitors, Grafiati implements its own algorithms for generating AIP style references. Our AIP referencing generator is based not only on the initial information contained in the 4th edition of the AIP Manual, but also on the real practice of AIP publications.

Furthermore, we allow choosing between a great number of options in order to customise your AIP references and compile them in a way suitable for your specific journal or university. For example, you can choose whether to give all authors in references or to shorten them to ‘et al.’ when their number exceeds 3; whether to include URLs in references for print sources, and many more. To do this, use the bibliography menu available as a dedicated button in each of your bibliographies.

Thus, the American Institute of Physics citation generator by Grafiati provides with virtually unlimited opportunities, is totally adaptable, and generates top-quality citations automatically. You can also easily switch between different citation styles, without the need to make any additional actions.

How to use the American Institute of Physics reference generator by Grafiati?

The American Institute of Physics format generator by Grafiati is available on our website’s homepage. Select AIP from the menu of citation styles, choose your options for AIP citations in the bibliography menu, and you are ready to go.

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