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What is MyBib?

MyBib is an online tool that contains the MyBib APA, MyBib MLA, MyBib Chicago, MyBib IEEE, and a range of other citation generators.

What are the pros and cons of the MyBib citation generator?


  • My Bib is free of charge;
  • the service offers citations in more than 7,000 citation styles;
  • you can export your references in Microsoft Word and in BibTex;
  • the website offers tools and tips to make the creation of references easier.


  • the MyBib citation generators contain multiple flaws, including in the most simple cases: for example, the erroneous indication of page range for books in APA, the indication of the 1st edition number or incorrect indication of page range in Chicago Style, and other errors;
  • the MyBib generator does not allow citing correctly some basic source types, for example, even a volume included in a multivolume edition;
  • there are no popular source types such as preprint or archival document;
  • you cannot switch the language of your bibliography, which means that your references will only be in English;
  • your legal citations in the My Bib generator can only be done for the United States;
  • the website is not adapted to mobile devices and can be used only from a desktop computer.

How is Grafiati better than MyBib?

MyBib uses the same faulty open-source code as most other popular citation services such as Zotero, Citethisforme, Citation Machine, and so on. Therefore, MyBib just provides a different interface and some minor additional tools, but is unable to develop this code and therefore copies all the errors and flaws that you will find on the abovementioned services.

We at Grafiati adhere to a completely different approach. We devote as much time as needed to implement a new citation style on our web service: we study the appropriate publication manual and we write all the required algorithms. As a result, you get unique features, and we are able to develop our code as our users need it.

So, why should you use Grafiati instead of My Bib?

  • As explained above, we deliver a fully customized and personalized service.
  • We provide the most accurate references and citations on the web. You will not find 7,000 citation styles on our service, but you will enjoy the most accurate and detailed citations in the latest editions of APA, MLA, Chicago Style, Harvard, ISO 690:2010, and a number of other most popular international citation styles.
  • Our service is all flexible. You can get the references you need. For example, you can give the names of not only authors, editors, and translators, but also of compilers, arrangers, illustrators, and so on.
  • Grafiati is adapted to any kind of device and provides the best experience on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.
  • You can create bibliographies in different languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Polish.
  • You have the access to legal citations adapted to your country, which is a feature unavailable elsewhere on the web.
  • You get a responsive support team and can submit your suggestions and recommendations that will be definitely taken into account in the subsequent development of our service.

How to use your bibliographic management service?

On our homepage, you will find everything you need: the menus for choosing a citation style, the source types to cite, the sorting options, and so on. We seek making everything to the utmost simple and user-friendly.

You can use Grafiati either on a free basis with some limitations or by buying one of our optimum premium packages. You can also create references without registration. Find out more about our service in this section.

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