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What is Citation Machine?

Citation Machine® is a global website used as a generator of bibliographic references. The service provides the Citation Machine APA generator, Citation Machine MLA generator, Citation Machine Chicago generator Citation Machine Vancouver generator, and a range of other international citation styles.

What are the pros and cons of Citation Machine?


  • Citation Machine is a bibliographic management tool used by many students;
  • the service offers citations in many styles;
  • different types of sources are available.


  • the Citationmachine APA, Citationmachine MLA, Citationmachine Vancouver, and other generators contain significant flaws in terms of accuracy;
  • there is no correct ordering of references in a bibliography;
  • the formatting of bibliographies is not in line with the requirements of any citation style;
  • Citation Machine has major shortcomings in terms of user-friendliness and usability, including on mobile phones;
  • the prices for the service are high;
  • there are no automatic tools to help improve the citations: the errors remain uncaught;
  • legal and some other references are suitable for the US only;
  • no adaptation exists in terms of the language of your bibliography and thus the translation of reference elements.

How is Grafiati better than Citation Machine?

Citation Machine is one of the great number of international services using the same open-source code producing the same results as Zotero, Mendeley, Citethisforme, etc. The quality of this code has major flaws and leads to errors in citations.

At the core of Grafiati lies a totally different approach: we develop all citation algorithms based on scrupulous research, analysis of style manuals, and communication with institutions. Our code is custom, unique, and flexible, which allows us reaching a completely new level of quality.

So, why us and not Citationmachine?

  • We have a much more detailed and accurate system of references and in-text citations for the most popular citation styles.
  • Our generators avoid the errors of the APA Citation Machine, MLA Citation Machine, Chicago Citation Machine, and other Citation Machine generators.
  • We offer a sophisticated real-time references ordering system in accordance with each particular citation style (check how this is done in APA, MLA, or Chicago Style).
  • We format the bibliography based on your chosen style’s requirements and allow you exporting it to paste directly into your paper.
  • We offer the adaptation of references for every country: from the translation of references based on the language of your bibliography to legal citations detached from the US templates.
  • In contrast to the free Citation Machine generator, we offer many tools to help boost the quality of your list of references: word case analyser, transliterator, website metadata retrieval, and so on.
  • We are open to all customers and develop the service based on the needs of our customers (we can do it, as we are not confined by the limits of the open-source code used by Citationmachine).
  • You can use most of our features for free or purchase one of our premium packages at much more reasonable prices compared to Citation Machine®.
  • We offer top-quality adaptation to all types of devices.

How to use your bibliographic management service?

No special knowledge or training required. Just go to our homepage, select the source type you want to cite, and here you go (but our interface will still help you in case of need).

Get the best bibliographic references and in-text citations with Grafiati.

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